Gathering Room Music Video Story

A paranormal investigator (played by Nathan Maharaj) and psychic medium (played by Isla Mae) team up to explore an abandoned and paranormally active location. They walk together, both feeling the uneasiness permeating the atmosphere. They then sense some of the disjointed conversation from “beyond”.

Because the paranormal energy seems to be coming from multiple directions, the two friends decide to separate to cover more ground.

The psychic medium wanders the remains of this “house of hexes”, feeling the spirits of some of the women who once lived there. She meditates and tunes into the ghostly voices while implementing automatic writing to capture what she hears. The ghoul (played by Jordan Castinado) spots her through a hole in the wall. He enters the room and attempts to thwart her efforts by flicking the pen out of her hand.

In the meantime, the paranormal investigator has been utilizing a video camera and ghost box to document otherworldly evidence.

The witch (played by Grace Bee) zeros in on him with mischievous delight. She conducts a ritual by anointing a magickal knife (athame) that will give her the ability to enter the material world briefly and stab him in the heart. She plans to add him to her subservient soul collection on the other side.

The witch teases the investigator before draining his camera’s battery. While he focuses on his broken equipment, she rises behind him and readies herself for the kill.

During her meditation, the psychic medium senses that something is wrong. She searches for her friend and finds him at the pivotal moment when the witch is readying her knife. The psychic quickly pulls him away to safety. They leave the house while the witch throws a temper-tantrum at the loss of her new boy-toy.

Gathering Room (with Vocals) by Citrine Metaphor