CM Update

Citrine Metaphor released 2 CDs of Halloween Haunt music in the 2016-17 seasons. Although no longer releasing new music, I am happy to have checked this experience off my bucket list! This site will exist as an archive until the domain expires. 

As for current projects, I am releasing oracle decks though The Game Crafter.

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While creating our music video for “Lunacy (With Vocals)”, (a single from our 2017 Haunted Attraction Accompaniment release, Beyond The House)  we utilized Wikimedia Commons videos to discover clips of oddities from decades past.

It was while watching a Strange Mysteries YouTube video that it dawned on us that one of the clips we used was from an actual event.

Strange Mysteries Top 10 CREEPIEST Science Experiments

The clip turned out to be a real life nightmare: “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms”
The dog head on the table shown barking and darting its eyes about was, legitimately, a severed and revived dog’s decapitated head being tested by some Russian scientists in a laboratory. And you can view the whole thing here:

What an apt kickstart to the Halloween 2017 season! Happy haunting, everyone!

Lunacy (With Vocals) for Asylum Themed Haunts

Lunacy (With Vocals) starring: Barry Wray Johnson, Chris B, Mystikka Jade, & more! Unnerve audiences by using this track in asylum-themed haunted attractions with crazed doctors and violent patients.

To purchase this track for use in your Haunted Attraction, installation or other visual project, please visit:

New Haunted Attraction Accompaniment Album - Beyond the House

New Album Released Today!

Citrine Metaphor invites you on an auditory trip through fright-inducing locations including a: mysterious swampland, dark carnival, abandoned asylum, post-apocalyptic biohazard zone, and more in a collection of seamlessly loopable, theatrical-paranormal soundscapes.

“Beyond the House” follows 2016’s “House of Hexes” as the second compilation of Haunted Attraction Accompaniment by Citrine Metaphor. Both volumes feature elements from classical and modern horror. Tracks were created for use in a diverse selection of Halloween attractions including walkthroughs, exhibitions, and other visual media.

Purchase of any tracks or albums from Citrine Metaphor includes a non-exclusive commercial license allowing for use in the purchaser’s visual media and events. 

TBT - Haunted Graveyard

#TBT to Haunted Graveyard in Scottsdale, Arizona where we did an interview / mini-documentary that you can find on our Youtube playlist. Only 5 more months till Halloween! But, for some people, like us, Halloween really is all year long. We’re getting ready to release our second haunted attraction accompaniment CD in July - in time for the 2017 haunt season!


Here’s a sneak peak of our track “Coma” created for hospital-themed haunts this upcoming Halloween season!


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